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Pekalongan Beach Tour

Pekalongan Curhat Beach Tour

During the Pekcur vacation, of course many people want to fill their time to release their fatigue on Pekalongan beach tourism. One of the places that is famous for its beaches is Pekalongan, and it is not without reason. Because this city has some amazing beach destinations. For that, the following exists. some Pekalongan beaches are below to find out more about this for Pekalongan Curhat visitors to vent.

1. Pantai Krematorium

The first beach that must be visited if you are in Pekalongan curhat is Krematorium Beach. Even though it has a pretty spooky name, this beach also presents a very beautiful view.

This place does tend to have a slightly different aura from other beaches because Crematorium Beach is often used as a ritual place. For those of you who are looking for a photo spot for pekcur Instagram, then this beach is very suitable to be used as a photo spot for facebook group.

2. Pantai Pasir Kencana

This next beach is already known to be one of the most favored places by local people. This is because this beach has a lot of playgrounds and rides that are suitable for children.

In addition to having a very clean place, this place also has a very pleasant water rickshaw facility. Not only that, this beach is also the perfect spot to see the sunset.

3. Pantai Wonokerto

You could say, Pekalongan beach tourism is a tourist destination that is a favorite place for tourists. The thing that makes this beach stand out more is because of the vast expanse of clean white sand.

With only 2 thousand rupiah, you can enjoy all the beauty and coolness of the beach which is very lush by this pine tree. Many photo spots are very interesting and so unique that they are suitable for photo backgrounds.

Not only that, for those of you who feel hungry, you don’t need to worry because in this place there are already lots of shops serving food. So, you can also prop your empty stomach while enjoying the view of the beach which is so calming on pekcur tour.

4. Pantai Sunter Depok Indah

When talking about Pekalongan beach tourism, of course it won’t be complete if you don’t include Sunter Depok Indah Beach. This place has also long been known for its beautiful beaches and is very suitable for vacation spots.

The combination of a gentle breeze and the calm sea water will certainly make anyone feel comfortable. For this reason, it is not surprising that more and more tourists are visiting to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Those are some Pekalongan curhat beach tours that you can visit if you want to visit the district. By visiting one of the beaches above, of course you will be able to release the burdens and thoughts that you have.

Batang Beach Tour

Batang Beach Tour

With such a strategic geographical location, this makes Batang one of the places that has so many rows of beautiful Batang Beach Tourism. Each of these beaches has a variety of unique characteristics that can fulfill your holiday desires. Here are some Batang beach tourist attractions that you can use as a reference when visiting cities in the northern coast.

1. Pantai Cemoro Sewu

As the name implies, this Batang beach tour does have a very large number of pine trees. This happened because Cemoro Sewu Beach had previously planted pine trees to prevent abrasion.

Because of the many trees, this beach becomes so cool and beautiful that it is very suitable to be used as a shelter from the sun. You can do outbound, camping, and hammocking around this beach.

2. Pantai Jodo

This tourist spot has long been known for its cleanliness which is so guarded by the local residents. Because it offers a very stunning view of the eye, this makes this beach never deserted by visitors even on weekdays though.

Just like the previous beach, Jodo Beach also has a row of lush pine trees around the beach. Not only that, the soft stretch of beach sand also makes this beach look enchanting.

3. Pantai Pelabuhan Perikanan

This beach is often also known as the perfect location to go fishing for pekcur. This is because this beach does have a main function as the biggest fish auction place in Batang.

In addition, this beach also still offers a beauty that is so stunning, so that tourists will also be more spoiled by the beach atmosphere which is very soothing. Not only tourists, people who like fishing are also very willing to come from far to this place for fishing.

4. Pantai Ujung Negoro

The last Batang beach tour is Ujung Negoro beach. This beach is often referred to as the most superior tourist spot in Batang, because there are various interesting tourist attractions while complementing the beauty of the scenery.

Just like other beaches, Ujung Negoro Beach is also a place that is often used for fishing. Not only that, tourists can also explore the caves near this beach and see the scenery around the beach from the top of the hill.

Thus some information about Batang beach tourism that you can know. Not only presenting beauty, but these beaches also present their own uniqueness so that they are worthy of being included in your tourist list.

We also do not forget to recommend Pekalongan curhat beach tourism which is no less good, you can check in our previous article.

Pekalongan Mountain Tour

Pekcur Mountain Tour

Not only famous for its batik, Pekalongan also has a variety of tourist attractions that are so beautiful and very mandatory to visit. In addition to beach tourism, this city also has very interesting mountain tourist destinations. Here are some tourist attractions in the Pekalongan curhat mountains that are very dear to miss.

1. Bukit Watu Ireng

The first Pekalongan mountain tour that you can visit is the Watu Ireng Hill tourist spot. This one tourist attraction can be said to be very unique because this hill consists of monolith stones or stones that have a size so large that it resembles a hill.

Not only that, this hill also has a dominant dark color like rocks in general. However, if you climb to the top of this hill, you will find a stretch of green grass.

2. Bukit Pawuluhan

The next tourist spot is Pawuluhan Hill, which is famous for its perfect place to see the beautiful and dramatic view of the rising sun. Its high position makes it very suitable for tourists who want to take pictures of the sun.

However, despite having a beautiful view pekcur, the way to reach this place is arguably not easy because the location is quite high and the terrain is not too smooth. Even so, you will definitely feel paid for by the beautiful scenery that awaits when you reach the top.

3. Puncak Hanoman Gunung Kendalisodo

For those of you who really have a hobby of climbing, then this tourist spot Mount Hanoman Mount Kendalisodo is perfect for achieving that goal. In the past, this mountain was often used by people to meditate, but because of its beautiful scenery, it is increasingly popular as a tourist spot.

However, you should also know that getting to this place requires quite a struggle, so make sure to bring the necessary equipment. The journey and struggle will not be in vain because the beauty like being above the clouds will make you forget all the obstacles that you went through before.

4. Gunung Rogojembangan

Finally, Pekalongan mountain tourism that must be known is Mount Rogojembangan. This mountain is a very appropriate tourist destination for tourists who have an adventurous spirit.

This is because this mountain has a very high peak. Therefore, when you are at the top of course you will be greeted by the beauty of the panorama that is so amazing.

Well, that’s the recommendation of Pekalongan Curhat with some Pekalongan mountain tours that you can use as a reference when you want to enjoy the mountain atmosphere. Not only beautiful, but these places must also be reached with struggle, so that it will certainly satisfy your adventurous desire.

Batang Mountains Tour

Batang Mountains Tour

Batang is one of the districts in Central Java Province. Even though the name Batang is less popular, it doesn’t hurt if you try to explore the tourist attractions there. You can try to explore some tourist attractions in the Batang mountains to add to your memorable travel experience through this information on the Pekalongan Curhat page, friends.

1. Bukit Sri Gunung

For those of you who want to add to your experience by traveling in the mountains, you can try visiting the Sri Gunung hill which is located not far from Jalan Raya Pantura. On the hill, a stretch of plants decorated with beautiful flowers will greet you. So that it is not only a calming and shady atmosphere, but also charming.

2. Agrowisata Salak Pondoh

Batang has agro-tourism that can spoil you fans of salak fruit. This agro-tourism is a tour that shows the superior yields of the stem area in the plantation and agriculture fields. The location of agro-tourism is in the same area as Curug Sodong. Salak pondoh has the exact taste and physical form in Sleman.

3. Kebun Teh Pagilaran

The next Batang mountain tourist spot is the Pagilaran tea garden which is a row of leading agro-tourism in Batang Regency. The location of the tea garden is in Pagilaran Village. To get there, it will take you about an hour if you take it from the district center and take the direction to the south.

This garden is located above 600-1600 meters above sea level or above sea level. It covers an area of 1130 hectares. For those of you who want to travel in a quiet place with fresh air, this tea garden is the right choice for you pekcur. There you can do a tea walk activity by tracing the path of the tea plantations as far as six kilometers on foot.

4. Desa Wisata Pranten

This tourist village, which is located above an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level, is famous for its warm springs which are believed to be able to cure all kinds of skin diseases. The village has an advantage in the plantation sector because the residents who live there are able to produce various types of vegetables which are sold at affordable prices.

This Pranten tourist village is one of the Batang mountain tours in the form of a tourist village. You can enjoy tours in this tourist village together with a group and do your own vegetable picking. Of course, the experience will be a memorable one after you leave this tourist village.

Those are some Batang mountain tours that you can visit when traveling to Batang Regency, Pekcur friends. Although the name of the area is not as popular as other areas, don’t be discouraged because in Batang district there are lots of tourist attractions that you can visit, ranging from mountain tours, beach tours, garden tours, and other tours that will definitely add to your experience.